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All About eMIG

The Energy Meter Information Gateway (eMIG) is an online tool for remotely measuring and monitoring your energy use. eMIG can provide warnings via email and SMS of system failures and abnormal events.

eMIG records meter readings every half hour and makes them immediately available on-line - offering a powerful platform for managing metering and sub-metering for both domestic and commercial users.

You can use eMIG to manage thousands of meters owned by your organisation, or to check the readings on a single meter installed in your home.

eMIG is owned, developed and maintained by PAD Technology Ltd. Take a look at the PAD Technology website for details of PAD's software development services and to find out how they can help you with your software engineering requirements.

Meter reading data transmission

eMIG provides a complete solution in partnership with White Solar Systems Ltd and Eseye Ltd comprising the eMIG software system, hardware, modems, and M2M connectivity using an AnyNet SIM that can connect to any mobile network in the UK. We look after the whole system from end to end to ensure maximum availability.

Wireless communications using any of the major mobile networks are used to transmit meter readings from your home or business premises to eMIG, allowing an easy setup without the need for existing data communications infrastructure. Alternatively, for commercial organisations, we can offer bespoke solutions using your existing internet connection.

Data flow using the Pelican modem and Eseye APN

Meter groups - measuring group performance and spotting meter failure

To assist commercial groups in the monitoring and management of large numbers of installations, eMIG allows meters to be grouped together into any number of meter groups. These meter groups can then be interrogated to view overall power generation and performance statistics across the group. Again, this information can be accessed graphically or downloaded into a spread sheet application for further analysis. Meter groups allow installation managers to monitor the relative efficiency of different hardware, such as inverters and PV modules, giving an edge in the assessment of future procurement decisions.

Vital to any organisation managing a large number of meters is the ability to quickly detect and manage installation failure. eMIG provides alerts of both communication failure and poor performance of the installation. Poor performance is detected using a sophisticated algorithm that takes environmental conditions into account, minimising false warnings due to poor weather. Warnings can be configured for delivery by SMS, email and via the web interface. For commercial groups, comprehensive lists of failing meters can be downloaded as a spread sheet or PDF file, for distribution to field engineers.

Examining individual meters

You can view the output from an individual PV installation with the ability to zoom into a time period of interest. Interactive graphs of power output over time and cumulative energy in kWh or m3 are available. The full set of readings for the lifetime of the meter can be exported as a CSV file for viewing in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc, or can be downloaded as a PDF file.

The eMIG team will go the extra mile

For commercial customers, eMIG can be “skinned” to provide a custom look and feel to fit in with your existing corporate image, including the addition of logos, style and content.

If you think eMIG can help you, or you have specific, bespoke requirements, we are very open to discuss them with you so please get in touch!

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