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Pelican Commissioning Service

Note that this tool is also available in a mobile / smart phone version - just visit the same URL on your smartphone browser.

Enter the eMIG ID and the PIN number or Reference into the form below to view connection status and signal strength. The tool will advise if there is no evidence of a current connection or if the connection signal quality is poor.

It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that a suitable aerial is installed and positioned to obtain an adequate signal quality.

Only proceed if the Pelican is displaying a solid (continuous) green "online" LED*.

(eMIG ID format e.g. ABC:00123)

(PIN format e.g. 0123)

Improving Aerial Placement - Important Information

If the tool advises you to improve the aerial placement or type, please do the following:

General Commissioning Information

Any information given to the installer by this tool is advisory only.

Latency in the wider GPRS network may result in a "No connection seen" message on this tool. This is unlikely to be as a result of a poor signal quality if a solid green light is displayed on the Pelican, but is more likely to be caused by a delay in data being sent from the APN to eMIG. You are not advised to upgrade the aerial unless you have confirmation of a poor signal strength.

*If the Pelican green "online" light is flashing, this indicates that the Pelican is scanning for a network connection and currently has no data connection. This tool will not provide any useful information if this is the case.

If the Pelican "online" light continues to flash for many minutes without becoming solid, then you should consider improving the aerial position, as the unit has been unable to lock on to any network.

Also see Advice to Installers

Identifying the Pelican "online" light

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